Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pres. Obama in a tough re-election fight against GOP frontrunners.

Pres. Obama in a tough re-election fight against GOP frontrunners.
2012 election is going to be tough, President Obama - just at the numbers below:

The Gallop Poll indicates that the GOP frontrunners, which include Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, all giving Obama a tough fight against in 2012 general election.

Here are the numbers: in a potential 2012 re-election campaign against,

Romney - Pres. Obama is losing 48% to 46%
Perry - Pres. Obama is tied at 47%
Bachmann - Pres. Obama is winning 48% to 44%
Ron Paul - Pres. Obama is winning 47% to 45%

Barack Obama's re-election message has been (yes, they are already crafting it - and we know enough inside detail about it, but not putting out too much of it right now) Americans have a choice between going backwards or going forward. In other words, although Obama himself may be not so good at handling the economy, the Republicans are worse because they want to pursue failed Bush policies, and do it worse than Bush did.

Apparently this message is not working because the above listed numbers suggests otherwise, don't they?

Take a minute to look at the numbers of a potential Obama vs. Bachamann showdown. Pres. Obama is beating Michele Bachmann only by 4 points. She's a complete idiot. Other day she said she would bring price of gas below $2.

It that's not amusing, Obama is in a dead heat against Perry. This is the guy who wrote Social Security is unconstitutional, and he would completely eliminate it if elected president. His campaign is run by cooperation. Two days ago when he was at an event, a Bank of America lobbyist came over to him and said, "we will help you out."

These are the kind of the people Pres. Obama running against in a potential 2012 general election, and he should be currsing them with at least a margin of 20% - 30%. But he's not, why? Because his message doesn't work.

He's come out and say what has already worked, the fact the they managed to add at least one more job to the economy given the horrible conditions on ground. Also, they managed to pass heath-care despite an overwhelming opposition by the REPUBLICANS. And Obama and the fellow Democrats are committed to protecting Social Security and other entitlement programs. The President has to draw sharp contrast against the Republicans on these key issues, and do so vigorously.

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