Monday, August 8, 2011

Rick Perry to Challenge President Obama in 2012

Rick Perry to Challenge President Obama in 2012
Boxed face, Jesus praying Governor of Texas Rick Perry will make his 2012 presidential intentions clear this weekend in South Carolina. In other words, he will give a speech to hint his candidacy for the president of the United States, not a formal announcement. As of this writing, Team Obama'12 cannot confirm from its sources as why he won't formally announce. Nevertheless, a formal declaration of candidacy is expected sometime before Labor Day, but Perry's advisers have not revealed a specific announcement date.

Perry recently held a prayer rally in Texas. The purpose of that was in this time of crisis, we all need God's help to guide us. He also said we need to, "pray fast, like Jesus did." Well, if President Perry were to govern US like God, he would tax the rick at one hundred percent, and give all the benefits to the poor. Imagine that! That's certainly not how he governs Texas.

The Texas governor has been meeting with donors and talking to activists in key caucus and primary states for weeks as he lays groundwork for a potential campaign.

Perry is a tea party favorite, just like Michele Bachmann, but she has been in the race for couple of months now. Thus within the Tea Baggers, she has ahead start, but political pundits believe that Perry will take much of Bachmann's tea party momentum away from her. Polls in Iowa put Bachmann ahead of both Romney and undeclared Perry, but Perry could easily change the dynamics in Iowa, which in turn could benefit Romney.

If any tea baggers reading this, are you excited about Rick Perry as a Republican candidate to challenge President Obama in 2012? Let us know.
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