Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank President Obama Saving Libyan People!

It was Pres. Obama who took the initiative to attack Gadahfi when he was killing peaceful Libyan protesters. Libyan people should thank Pres. Obama and the US forces for giving them some relief from the Gadahfi regime.

And as for the Republicans, they did nothing but criticized Pres. Obama on everything he did to save the lives of Libyan people. The Republicans should be given NO credit whatsoever. Pres. Obama and the US forces deserve enormous amount of gratitude from the Libyans and peace-loving people all around the world.

By the way, where are the Republicans now? They are busy saying stuff like the US treasure is treasonous, bringing gas prices below $2, and global warming is not scientifically proven. They are just idiots!

Update: finally some class from the Republicans. Today, Senator McCain gave Pres. Obama credit on a successful Libyan mission. "President deserves credit for stopping Gadhafi when he was at the gates of Benghazi, and vowed to go house to house and kill anyone who opposed him," said Sen. McCain appearing on CNN's Situation Room.

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