Monday, September 5, 2011

Republican Candidates at South Carolina Tea Party Forum

Republican Candidates at South Carolina Tea Party Forum

Five Republicans running for the presidnecy of the United States took part in South Carolina Tea Party Forum, hosted by Jim DeMint, who's another tea party idiot.

The five Republicans were: Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Mr. Pee Wee Herman Cain.

They all, except for Ron Paul, had to say some eye popping nonsensical comments regarding top issues. They all said they hated Obama, and that Obama is the worst president! Newt said Obama, "is the most successful food-stamp president." What a racist comment to make!

Mitt Romney said he'd repeal Obama-care. Obviously this isn't something he said during his 2008 presidential run. In fact, at one point,in a 2008 debate, Romney said he was the only who provided comprehensive healthcare to his constituents. Moreover, Jim DeMint endorsed Romney in 2008, when RomenyCare had already passed, but Jim was a little but high at the moment so he couldn't see what he was doing... Irony on top of irony.

Michele Bachmann, who always tires to top Rick Perry in stupid-comments-marathon, said Federal Government has no role in your kids' education, and that parents are responsible for it. Well, it's true if you have kids 10 years or younger, and remains as such, because college tuition expenses are very costly because there's lack of Government Funds to those who actually want to make something out of their lives for the better of the world. But certainly the government got the back of the big oil and gas companies. What a Shame!

Other candidates also made horrendous comments. But Ron Paul made the most sense. He said, as he has been saying, he'd bring troops home if elected president.

Herman Cain was at the forum, but Rick Sanatorium was not. Interesting...

All of them took enough time to blame Pres. Obama for economy, Obama-care, and the Obama White House for being unconstitutional. However, in any of these incidents, none of them gave concrete examples to back their point, and they didn't need because it was forum filed with tea-bag-5-year-old-brianers.

For what it's worth, Rick Perry wasn't able to take part because he had to go to Texas to extinguish wildfires. We all wish him good luck with, because if he's good at that, he should be a fire-fighter - do some actual good for the society instead of running his reckless "treasonous" mouth with no shame.
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