Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Debate: Obama vs Romney vs Perry vs You

Fact: Throughout the night, the word "middle class" was spoken twice - both times by Mitt Romney. But he offered no solutions to help you the middle class American. All he did was taking constant swipes at Pres. Obama focusing on 2012 election.

Needless to say, every one of the Republican last night said he/she would repeal Obama-care if elected President! Health-care is going to be a big focus of the 2012 general election. In the sate of Texas alone, where Rick Perry has been the governor for the last decade, 25% of its population doesn't have insurance.

On the economic front, all the Republicans displayed no leadership at all - none of them showcased any ideas to get the American economy moving again. Rick Perry said, along with many other idiotic things, government doesn't create a single job. News-flash: in Texas, over 300 000 jobs are government or public-sector related jobs.

On Social Security, Mitt Romney wants to give full power to the Wall Street, let them gable with your Social Security, and in turn you lose money whenever the stock market spiral down. Rick Perry, however, has the worst mindset on Social Security. As he previously wrote in his book, Perry said the program is a "Ponzi Scheme." Neither one of these has a clear plan to strengthen SS, but they both know how to get rid of what has worked so well to keep the seniors out of poverty.
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