Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romney Unveils Jobs Plan, Bashes Obama with His Magical Job-Creating Machine

Mitt Romney Unveils Jobs Plan in Nevada, Bashes Obama with His Magical Job-Creating Machine
Mitt Romney was in Nevada today to introduce his impractical jobs plan to the world. This comes at the wake of President Obama's plan to create jobs - which Obama will unveils this Thursday.

Not once in his 30-minite speech did Romney mention the fact that Nevada has an unemployment rate of over 13%, and how his plan would help heal it. Instead he took plenty of time to take jabs at Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney also introduced to his magical "job creating machine." And how will this jobs machine would looks like if become the president? "In the first four years, this will grow the economy at approximately at 4% a year. It'll add 11.5 million new jobs for Americans."

But his most favorite job creating ideas was, of course, giving more tax-cuts to the corporations. "The average of developed nations' tax rate for corporations is 25%. Ours is 35%. We've got to bring that tax rate down to that same 25% level."

He said he would do that on day one, which is definitely impossible because the President Obama the United States doesn't dictate the tax rates for anybody America, Congress does, and what makes you think that the Congress will do that one the day of his inauguration.

Robert Reich, Former Treasury Secretary to the Clinton Administration cut through all Romeny's bull-crap on MSNBC's Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.

"It's kind of an odd idea. It's like calling corporations people. It's not clear what this are. Mitt Romeny has kind of an bizarre idea that, at time when corporations are scoring record profits, at a time where you got them sitting on 2 trillion dollars of cash that they don't even know what to do with, that some how if you give more tax-cuts to them, then they will create jobs."

Reich went on to say that, in fact, corporations are doing extremely well because they are selling well in abroad, and they are also cutting wages, "but that is not a job machine by anybody's definition of a job's machine."

"[corporations] don't need more money. Companies are doing very well. People who need more money in their pockets are not corporations, they are people - they are Americans. The reason that corporations don't create enough jobs in United States is because they don't have enough customers in United States."
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