Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hermain Cain Has a Good Point on Christie

Hermain Cain Has a Good Point on Christie
Herman Cain said other day that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is "too liberal" to win the Republican nomination in 2012, or ever defeat Pres. Obama in the general election. Mr. Cain has a good point, because if Christie were to actually throw his hat in the race, he and Jon Huntsman would be the most common-sense and intelligent candidates in the Republican field.

As Governor,Christie appointed a Muslim lawyer to be a New Jersey Superior Court judge. This would be his dirtiest secret in today's tea-party fueled Republican Party.

“Most of the conservatives believe that we should enforce our borders. They do not believe people should be here without documentation. They do not believe global warming is a crisis or a threat,” Cain said on “Fox News Sunday.” “As you go right down the line, he's going to turn off a lot of conservatives with those positions.”

“I believe that a lot of conservatives, once they know his position on those things that you delineated, they're going to not be able to support him,” Cain said.
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