Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Obama'12 Opinions

You ideas regarding President Barack Obama and 2012 election cycle:

Michael Paul -
I want to join Barack Obama in retirement in 2013. However, I won't be able to do that. Four years are enough. We are not entitled to anything but those rights in the Bill of Rights, Health care is not a "right", it is a service provided by someone or an entity. Forget the birth certificate, I want to see his Passport from 25 years ago. I am a member of the top 5% and I worked hard and took responsibility for myself to get there.

Gilbert Lama -
Your back is to the wall, Boss. You need a home run in your upcoming address. We need a specific, concise and targeted course of action. Otherwise, I fear support for you within the base will continue to erode. We desperately need you to be reelected. The radical agenda of most in the republican field is frightening. O'B you're our only hope!

Seth Cohen -
Obama is doing the right thing. Cutting social security will screw people like teachers, and the economy wil be in worse shape. I don't want my mom to pay more in taxes but those entitlement programs is what keeps every american off the streets and into homes. If the republicans get into office, especially Bachman, then we are screwed cause she will put all her stupid ideas into effect and the economy will plummet. Keep the Democrats into office, republicans will economically kill everyone but the wealthy.
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