Friday, December 2, 2011

Ron Paul Goes After Gingrich, Says "Counterfeit Conservative."

Ron Paul Goes After Gingrich, Says Counterfeit Conservative.
"Most people realize that I keep saying the same thing over again, whereas in (Gingrich's) case, he tries to catch up and change his position to fit the particular time in which he's speaking," Paul said on CNN's "The Situation Rom."

I was more energized to do something when I found these things he had said. I thought they were more meaningful," Paul said.

"He made money off the bailout, you know, if you add up the numbers and put it all together," Paul charged. "So that to me was rather annoying because it was something I worked so hard to prevent."

He continued: "It's ironic that the American people are seriously considering that he's supposed to come in and straighten things out. That sort of is bewildering to me."

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