Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A picture so simple even tea baggers can understand it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekly Address: Passing the American Jobs Act

In this week’s address, President Obama urged Congress to pass the American Jobs Act without delay
In this week’s address, President Obama urged Congress to pass the American Jobs Act without delay so that businesses will be able to hire more workers and every American who wants a job will be able to find one. The President’s jobs bill keeps cops on the streets and teachers in the classrooms, cuts taxes for small businesses, and puts construction workers back to work without adding to the deficit. All Americans who agree with the President’s plan should call their elected officials and tell them that it’s time to pass the jobs bill, which will ensure that everyone pays their fair share and that we live within our means as we help the economy continue to grow.

I’ve spent some time lately traveling the country and talking with folks outside of Washington. And the number one issue for the people I meet is how we can get back to a place where we’re creating good, middle-class jobs that pay well and offer some security.

That’s the idea behind the American Jobs Act. It’s a jobs bill that does two simple things: put more people back to work, and more money back in the pockets of people who are working.

This jobs bill puts construction workers back to work rebuilding our roads and bridges and modernizing our schools.

This jobs bill puts teachers back in the classroom, and keeps cops and firefighters on our streets.

This jobs bill gives tax credits to companies that hire our veterans, because if you sign up to fight for our country, the last thing you should have to do is fight for a job when you come home.

This jobs bill connects the long-term unemployed to temporary work to keep their skills sharp while they look for a job, and it gives hundreds of thousands of young people the hope of a job next summer.

This jobs bill cuts taxes for every small business owner in America. It cuts them even more for small business owners that hire new workers and raise workers’ salaries. And it cuts taxes for every working family in America so that you’ll have more money in your pockets, and businesses know they’ll have customers to buy what they sell.

That’s the American Jobs Act, and you can check it out for yourself on

It will create new jobs. It will cut taxes for every worker and small business in the country. And it will not add to the deficit. It will be paid for.

On Monday, I’ll lay out my plan for how we’ll do that – how we’ll pay for this plan and pay down our debt by following some basic principles: making sure we live within our means and asking everyone to pay their fair share.

But right now, we’ve got to get Congress to pass this jobs bill. Everything in the American Jobs Act is the kind of idea that’s been supported by Democrats and Republicans before. And if they’re ideas you agree with, too, every one of you can help make it happen by telling your congressperson to pass this jobs bill right away.

I know some of them would rather wait another year to wage another election than work together right now. But most Americans don’t have the luxury of waiting. It was three years ago this week that a financial crisis on Wall Street made things much more difficult for working folks on Main Street. And too many are still hurting as a result.

So the time for action is now. No more games or gridlock. No more division or delay. It’s time for the people you sent to Washington to put country before party – to stop worrying so much about their jobs and start worrying more about yours.

It’s time to get to work and show the world once again why the United States of America remains the greatest nation on Earth.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Debate: Obama vs Romney vs Perry vs You

Fact: Throughout the night, the word "middle class" was spoken twice - both times by Mitt Romney. But he offered no solutions to help you the middle class American. All he did was taking constant swipes at Pres. Obama focusing on 2012 election.

Needless to say, every one of the Republican last night said he/she would repeal Obama-care if elected President! Health-care is going to be a big focus of the 2012 general election. In the sate of Texas alone, where Rick Perry has been the governor for the last decade, 25% of its population doesn't have insurance.

On the economic front, all the Republicans displayed no leadership at all - none of them showcased any ideas to get the American economy moving again. Rick Perry said, along with many other idiotic things, government doesn't create a single job. News-flash: in Texas, over 300 000 jobs are government or public-sector related jobs.

On Social Security, Mitt Romney wants to give full power to the Wall Street, let them gable with your Social Security, and in turn you lose money whenever the stock market spiral down. Rick Perry, however, has the worst mindset on Social Security. As he previously wrote in his book, Perry said the program is a "Ponzi Scheme." Neither one of these has a clear plan to strengthen SS, but they both know how to get rid of what has worked so well to keep the seniors out of poverty.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romney Unveils Jobs Plan, Bashes Obama with His Magical Job-Creating Machine

Mitt Romney Unveils Jobs Plan in Nevada, Bashes Obama with His Magical Job-Creating Machine
Mitt Romney was in Nevada today to introduce his impractical jobs plan to the world. This comes at the wake of President Obama's plan to create jobs - which Obama will unveils this Thursday.

Not once in his 30-minite speech did Romney mention the fact that Nevada has an unemployment rate of over 13%, and how his plan would help heal it. Instead he took plenty of time to take jabs at Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney also introduced to his magical "job creating machine." And how will this jobs machine would looks like if become the president? "In the first four years, this will grow the economy at approximately at 4% a year. It'll add 11.5 million new jobs for Americans."

But his most favorite job creating ideas was, of course, giving more tax-cuts to the corporations. "The average of developed nations' tax rate for corporations is 25%. Ours is 35%. We've got to bring that tax rate down to that same 25% level."

He said he would do that on day one, which is definitely impossible because the President Obama the United States doesn't dictate the tax rates for anybody America, Congress does, and what makes you think that the Congress will do that one the day of his inauguration.

Robert Reich, Former Treasury Secretary to the Clinton Administration cut through all Romeny's bull-crap on MSNBC's Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.

"It's kind of an odd idea. It's like calling corporations people. It's not clear what this are. Mitt Romeny has kind of an bizarre idea that, at time when corporations are scoring record profits, at a time where you got them sitting on 2 trillion dollars of cash that they don't even know what to do with, that some how if you give more tax-cuts to them, then they will create jobs."

Reich went on to say that, in fact, corporations are doing extremely well because they are selling well in abroad, and they are also cutting wages, "but that is not a job machine by anybody's definition of a job's machine."

"[corporations] don't need more money. Companies are doing very well. People who need more money in their pockets are not corporations, they are people - they are Americans. The reason that corporations don't create enough jobs in United States is because they don't have enough customers in United States."

Your Expectations For Obama's Jobs Speech

We asked you to send us your expectations for President Obama's jobs speech that he'll deliver this Thursday. We got hundreds of responses and below are some of what you the voters had to say:

Sharon -

I would like to hear President Obama point out how much money U.S. big businesses have been making for the past 4 years, then point out how many jobs that they have created. I would like to hear about new jobs in science and technology, advanced study and job creation in alternative energy, job creation in advanced medical research and health care, new jobs in homeland security, jobs in infrastructure improvement, jobs that will help improve our education system, jobs building affordable homes, jobs should pay a living wage (enough to raise a family on and live comfortable, provide health care, help pay for continuing education, provide a pension or retirement package.

I would like to hear that the President intends to stand up to the Republicans , no more Mr. Nice Guy! The Republicans intentions are to make Obama look like a failure. It is GET TOUGH ON REPUBLICAN TIME!! No more favors, no more bowing down or giving in to them, take the lead instead of being led around.

I am very proud of President Obama and Vice President Biden and I support them in 2012
Warren -

I would like to hear the President tell us that his repeated caving in to corporate special interests and right wing ideology is not some cynical strategy on his part. Does he really think that by betraying his core support and pandering to the right he is guaranteed my vote simply because the Republican candidate is even worse? Think again. At this point I will either vote for a third party candidate or not vote at all. I am completely and utterly disgusted.
Donald -

I have been unemployed for a year now. I am 59 and have a college degree in Mathematics. I am now looking for part-time jobs. I want to know what will be done immediately to create jobs in the next week, not the coming months. I have worked since I was 12 and have never felt so much discrimination because of my age or experience. What will be done to tell American employers that their attitude against over-qualified or older workers has got to stop. It is evil pure and simple.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Republican Candidates at South Carolina Tea Party Forum

Republican Candidates at South Carolina Tea Party Forum

Five Republicans running for the presidnecy of the United States took part in South Carolina Tea Party Forum, hosted by Jim DeMint, who's another tea party idiot.

The five Republicans were: Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Mr. Pee Wee Herman Cain.

They all, except for Ron Paul, had to say some eye popping nonsensical comments regarding top issues. They all said they hated Obama, and that Obama is the worst president! Newt said Obama, "is the most successful food-stamp president." What a racist comment to make!

Mitt Romney said he'd repeal Obama-care. Obviously this isn't something he said during his 2008 presidential run. In fact, at one point,in a 2008 debate, Romney said he was the only who provided comprehensive healthcare to his constituents. Moreover, Jim DeMint endorsed Romney in 2008, when RomenyCare had already passed, but Jim was a little but high at the moment so he couldn't see what he was doing... Irony on top of irony.

Michele Bachmann, who always tires to top Rick Perry in stupid-comments-marathon, said Federal Government has no role in your kids' education, and that parents are responsible for it. Well, it's true if you have kids 10 years or younger, and remains as such, because college tuition expenses are very costly because there's lack of Government Funds to those who actually want to make something out of their lives for the better of the world. But certainly the government got the back of the big oil and gas companies. What a Shame!

Other candidates also made horrendous comments. But Ron Paul made the most sense. He said, as he has been saying, he'd bring troops home if elected president.

Herman Cain was at the forum, but Rick Sanatorium was not. Interesting...

All of them took enough time to blame Pres. Obama for economy, Obama-care, and the Obama White House for being unconstitutional. However, in any of these incidents, none of them gave concrete examples to back their point, and they didn't need because it was forum filed with tea-bag-5-year-old-brianers.

For what it's worth, Rick Perry wasn't able to take part because he had to go to Texas to extinguish wildfires. We all wish him good luck with, because if he's good at that, he should be a fire-fighter - do some actual good for the society instead of running his reckless "treasonous" mouth with no shame.

Pres. Obama's Jobs Speech

Tell us what you need to hear from Pres. Obama's speech this Thursday.
This is what I'd like to hear: Obama has to clearly differentiate the definitions between the rich and job-creators, and also has to say that he's willing to tax the rich, and give tax breaks to the job-creators.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Extending the Transportation Bill to Keep America Moving

WASHINGTON – In this week’s address, President Obama called on Congress to do what it has done seven times over the past two years and pass a clean extension of the transportation bill. Failure of Congress to act would be disastrous for the economy, costing nearly one million workers their jobs over the next year and almost $1 billion in highway funding after the first ten days alone.

Friday, September 2, 2011

August Unemployment Report: No Jobs Added

August Unemployment Report: No Jobs Added
In the month of August, the US economy saw a growth of 0% - no jobs were added to the economy. This is yet another indication showing the rough summer we had to weather over past three months. Despite all that private sector payrolls increased by 17,000 jobs. That means the private sector has been adding jobs to economy for 18 straight months.

The report was partially helped by 22,000 state workers in Minnesota returning to work after a temporary government shutdown in July, but was also hurt by 45,000 Verizon workers on strike in August.

Republicans were the first to accuse President Barack Obama for the poor job growth over the summer. They didn't mention the tsunami in Japan or the Arab Spring that affected oil prices. And you know, Summer is generally hot and people usually stay home. That also a significant impact on the job growth.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus put out a statement saying, "...[Obama] spent his summer fundraising and golfing, promising to lay out a jobs plan only after his Martha's Vineyard vacation-all while nearly 14 million Americans remained jobless." This guy never wakes up before noon, but today put this statement out before anybody even had the time to analyze it. He's a complete joke.

The republicans presidential candidates also took low-blow jabs at Barack Obama. Michele Bachmann said in a statement that doesn't make sense, "Mr. President – we gave you $2.4 trillion in new spending and the American people got nothing in return. Today's jobs report showing that the economy created no jobs in the last month and unemployment at 9.1 percent is further evidence that President Obama's failed economic policies are not working and have completely stalled job growth."
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