Monday, February 6, 2012

Gingrich Attacks Romney on 'Poor' Comment

As Mitt Romney talks about how he doesn't care about the poor people, and when President Barack Obama was giving a speech about how we have got to be our brothers keeper, which side is Newt Gingrich on? You might be shocked to find this out.

Newt Actually came out attacking Romney in favor of the poor! Now, this is the same guy who said poop people/kids should clean washrooms. "I'm fed up with either party dividing Americans against each other," Newt said in a press conference.

This is irony at it's peak. Newt Gingrich didn't for the poor for the past three decades. In this case, Newt is effectively using populism against Mitt Romney to rally the base for him - because all the voters in the Republican primary are not millionaires or billionaires. Gingrich is painting Romney as the Wall Street wealthy guy, which he is the man who looks are the main street average folk.

This is a very effective strategy for Newt, even though it's totally fraud. All the gaffes Romney makes help Newt, and he's is pretty good at capitalizing on them.
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