Friday, February 10, 2012

Republicans Attack Obama on Social Issues.

Over the last couple weeks, the Republicans have decided to pileup attacks on President Obama on social issues. Latest attack is that President Obama would not except religious schools from the contraception portion of the Health Care bill, which allows women to get contraception at no extra cost.

Rick Santorum is the perfect guy to deliver this message. "This president is deliberately undermining religious liberty in this country, undermining the family in this country. If you look at this president's policies, he has done more to destroy the [religious] institutions. We have a president who's going after the church, going after the faith-based organizations, and going after these community organizations."

Santorum did his best to personalize and polarize this issue. But a lot of these organizations he's talking about already had rules in place to provide contraception at no extra cost. Majority of the Catholics are in favor of it.

One of the reason that Santorum and the Republicans are doing this because the economy is improving. So they are going back to their social issues to attack President Obama and run against him in 2012 general election. The Republican have done nothing to improve the economy. Pres. Obama tried, and had some success.

This shows how far to the right the Republican party has moved!

In 2001, there was a vote in the Senate and House on whether federal employers health insurance plan should include contraception, overwhelmingly the Republicans supported his. But now since the President Obama is the favor of it, the Republicans have moved away from their position just so that they can attack Obama.

The Republican party is unbelievably pathetic, and they have the testicular-fortitude to the talk about Ronald Reagan. Reagan would have been totally disgusted by all their bullshit.
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