Monday, March 12, 2012

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I would love for Obama to make a simple speech targeted to lower-income and middle-income voters. The speech would explain that these voters have been hoodwinked by the Republican Party. By making politics over the last decades turn on social issues like abortion, gay marriage and flag burning, the Republicans have caused these votors to take their eye off the ball. Everyone is getting all excited about these issues...they elect Republicans...and then find that their everyday life is worse and worse - there is an increasing gap between rich and poor, that the richest Americans pay the least taxes, and they (the low-income and middle-income voters) are having an increasingly hard time getting by. These voters should be concentrating on the issues that they think about every day - getting through financially, paying for education for their kids, having good education for their kids, healthcare, etc. - rather than gay marriage. How many times has gay marriage/abortion/flag burning actually affected their everyday lives? Are they prepared to accept a more difficult life for themselves and the wealthy paying few taxes in exchange for banning gay marriage - because that is the tradeoff they accept if they vote Republican. They have been totally swindled.

by: Kate
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