Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Pres. Obama on Reagan Taxes

On April 13th, President Obama gave a speech pushing for the Buffet Rule - which we now know that it was defeated in the senate by all the Republicans. Although the bill is dead, it's up to us to keep fighting for tax fairness in US. In the speech Pres. Obama made some remarkable references to Ronald Reagan.

“I’m not the first president to call for this idea that everybody’s got to do their fair share,” Obama said. “Some years ago, one of my predecessors traveled across the country pushing for the same concept. He gave a speech where he talked about a letter he had received from a wealthy executive who paid lower tax rates than his secretary and wanted to come to Washington and tell Congress why that was wrong.”

Obama continued, “That wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior was Ronald Reagan. He thought that in America, the wealthiest should pay their fair share, and he said so. I know that position might disqualify him from Republican primaries these days.”
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