Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vote Republican Only If You're a Millionaire

Vote Republican Only If You're a Millionaire.John Cornyn(R-TX)
John Cornyn(R-TX)
Buffet rules states millionaire would pay 30%, even with all the tax loopholes. Mitt Romney would pay for example, only paid 14%, and he hides most of money in over seas, as does many, many millionaires - and the Republicans job is to protect the rich. Case in point, today the Senate Republicans filibuster Pres. Obama's proposal of the Buffet Rule!

Gallop Poll actually indicates that Americans are in favor of Pres. Obama's proposal. 60% approves it, while only 37% opposes.

John Cornyn(R-TX) went on Fox News to defend his vote today and said this was a "distraction" and "drop in the bucket" and painted as "class warfare." He must be clearly out of his mind because the Buffet Rule would create extra $50B in revenue. The proposal only asks the rich to pay 30%, which five percent lower than the usual 35% in taxes they used pay under the Clinton Administration. That is "class warfare" to John Cornyn.

Cornyn also pointed out the fact that 46% of Americans don't even pay taxes. But the fact is they do pay sales taxes and payroll taxes. The reason why they don't pay federal taxes is they are so poor, that they need that money to survive. The underline theme of his whole bs is that the rich and paying too much in taxes and the poor aren't paying enough, so Washington needs to pass law enforcing the poor to pay more.
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