Friday, August 24, 2012

New Poll Out, Romney Has 0% Support Among African Americans

New Poll conducted by NBC/WSJ has some GREAT news for Mitt Willard Romney: no African American, besides Herman Cain, supports him. This was probably the first a candidate from a major party has 0% support in any demographic. Furthermore, this poll was taken after Romney's NAACP address, where was largely booed when he said he'd repeal the Affordable Care Act.

John McCain received 5% support among African Americans in 2008.

Romney does well among white people, however, 53 percent to 40 percent, as well as seniors (9 percent to 41 percent). If you are a senior person reading this article now, please get to know Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, because that guy is the mastermind of ACTUAL death-panels. Ryan wants to slash medicare and turn it into a "voucher system."

75 percent of senior citizens are against Paul Ryan's "voucher system." As a matter of fact Obama/Biden scores very well on the issue of medicare.

Pres. Obama leads Romney over likeability factor ( 58 percent to 23 percent) and he also seem to care about the average American. 52 percent believe Pres. Obama in favor of the middle class over the rich, to Romney's 30 percent.

Furthermore, overwhelming number of Latinos support Pres. Obama as well: 65 percent to 30 percent. Obama/Biden also leads in the categories of Women and Youth.

Romney Obama
Whites 53% 40%
Rural voters 47% 38%
Seniors 49% 41%
Women 41% 51%
Under 35 Years 41% 52%
Latinos 30% 65%
Likeable 23% 58%
Cares about average people 30% 52%
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