Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romney Not Releasing Taxes - Top 5 Reasons

Romney Not Releasing Taxes - Top 5 Reasons
It turned out Romney had actually asked Paul Ryan to release at least 10 years of his own tax returns when he was chosen for VP.

We countdown the top 5 reasons as to Romney's tax return avoidance

#5: Romney pays way less taxes than you do. Last year Romney made $20 in investments, and only paid 13.9% in taxes. That's way less than what an average American usually pays. Besides isn't is ridiculous when someone makes more money by doing noting and pay less than someone else, like a teacher, who makes less and pay more?

#4: Romney has dozens of offshore accounts.
This is because he doesn't have to pay taxes for the American government when money is offshore.

#3: Romney takes advantage of tax loopholes available for the super rich. Romney has millions of dollars in his IRS account. It's just another way to avoid paying taxes.

#2: If elected President, Romney would be paying 1% in taxes. This is according to Ryan budget.

#1: If taxes are released, he's NOT going to win in November. Coming clean is the hardest thing for Romney; he'd lose 100% of the independents.
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