Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good News on Economy

White House predicts 2 million more jobs in 2012:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The United States economy is on the road to recovery, the White House said Friday, with stronger job growth expected this year.

But income inequality and Europe's debt crisis could still pose challenges, according to a report released by President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers.

"While actions taken to prevent a deeper recession and to strengthen the recovery have made a difference, the nation is still recovering from that profound crisis and the problems that led to it," the Economic Report of the President said.

Dow at highest point since 2008:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- U.S. stocks capped off a solid week on either side of the break even line Friday, as investors hesitated to make big bets ahead of a key vote on a second bailout for Greece.

Investors are optimistic that European finance ministers will sign off on Greece's latest economic reform proposal when they meet Monday. Their approval is needed in order for Greece to receive bailout funds and avoid default on a €14.5 billion bond redemption in March.

Weekly Address: Continuing to Strengthen American Manufacturing

In this week’s address, President Obama spoke to the American people from the Boeing Plant in Everett, Washington about our efforts to strengthen American manufacturing and job creation here in the United States. He described how we can support businesses like Boeing, which is hiring thousands of Americans across the country, through steps like removing tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas and giving them to companies that create jobs at home. The President is committed to continue assisting businesses in selling their products around the world, and the United States is on track to meet President Obama’s goal of doubling exports within five years. The President believes that by boosting American manufacturing and supporting our job creators, we can create an economy that’s built to last.

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
Everett, Washington
Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello, everybody.

I’m speaking to you this week from the Boeing Plant in Everett, Washington. Boeing has been in this community for half a century. But it’s what they’re doing here today that has folks really excited; because at this plant they’re building the plane of the future – the Dreamliner. It’s an impressive sight. And, to be honest, part of why I came was to see it up close. But I also came because this is a great example of how we can bring jobs and manufacturing back to America.

You see, the last few decades haven’t been easy for manufacturing in this country. New technology has made businesses more efficient and productive – and that’s good – but it’s also made a lot of jobs obsolete. The result has been painful for a lot of families and communities. Factories where people thought they’d retire have left town. Jobs that provided a decent living have been shipped overseas. And the hard truth is that a lot of those jobs aren’t coming back.

But that doesn’t mean we have to settle for a lesser future. I don’t accept that idea. In America, there’s always something we can do to create new jobs and new manufacturing and new security for the middle-class. In America, we don’t give up, we get up.

Right now, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Over the past 23 months, businesses have created 3.7 million new jobs. And manufacturers are hiring for the first time since the 1990s. It’s now getting more expensive to do business in places like China. Meanwhile, America is more productive than ever. And companies like Boeing are realizing that even when we can’t make things cheaper than China, we can make things better. That’s how we’re going to compete globally.

For Boeing, business right now is booming. Last year, orders for commercial aircraft rose by more than 50 percent. To meet that rising demand, they’ve put thousands of folks to work all over the country. We want to see more of this. We need to make it as easy as we can for our companies to create more jobs in America, not overseas. And that starts with our tax code.

No company should get a tax break for outsourcing jobs. Instead, tax breaks should go to manufacturers who set up shop here at home. Bigger tax breaks should go to high-tech manufacturers who create the jobs of the future. And if you relocate your company to a struggling community, you should get help financing that new plant, that new equipment, or training for new workers. It’s time to stop rewarding businesses that ship jobs overseas, and start rewarding businesses that create jobs here in America. And Congress should send me that kind of tax reform right away.

Another thing we’re doing is to make it easier for companies like Boeing to sell their products all over the world, because more exports mean more jobs. Two years ago, I set a goal of doubling U.S. exports over five years. And we’re on track to meet that goal – ahead of schedule.

We have a big opportunity right now to build not only an economy that will help us succeed today, but an economy that will help our kids and their kids succeed tomorrow. We know what we need to do. We need to strengthen American manufacturing. We need to invest in American-made energy and new skills for American workers. And above all, we need to renew the values that have always made this country great: Hard work. Fair play. Shared responsibility.

We can do this. Ask the folks in Everett. Right here, a few years ago, the first Dreamliner took off on its maiden trip. Thousands of employees came to watch. One was an executive office administrator named Sharon O’Hara. As Sharon saw that first plane take flight – a result of so much hard work – she got goose bumps. In her words, she said, “We said we would do it and we did.” That’s the story of America. We said we would do it, and we did. That’s the can-do spirit that makes us who we are. We’ve seen challenging times before. But we always emerge from them stronger. And that’s what we’re going to do again today. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

King & Queen, a tribute to Barack & Michelle Obama by Richie Spice & Allison Hinds

Reggae star Richie Spice & Bajan soca star Alison Hinds music video for their single King & Queen, which is a tribute to US president Barack Obama & his wife Michelle Obama. The music video was shot at several locations across Kingston including Devon House, Victoria House and the Boliva Art Gallery, under the direction of Jay Will (Game Over).

#Reggae, #Soca, #Caribbean for Obama!

Barack Obama Song - Alston Becket Cyrus

Recently found this 2009 uploaded video of a Soca song (Caribbean music) based on and in support President Barack Obama. The song is by noted artist Alston "BECKET" Cyrus of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Address: Extending the Payroll Tax Cut for the Middle Class

In this week’s address, President Obama urged Congress to quickly pass the payroll tax cut extension to prevent a tax hike on 160 million hardworking Americans who are still recovering from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. This is not the time for a self-inflicted wound on the recovery or placing an added burden on middle class families, so Democrats and Republicans must pass this commonsense tax cut without drama or delay. We overcame the same standoff over the payroll tax cut extension in December with the help of the American people, and President Obama once again calls on all Americans to tell their elected leaders to do their jobs, put aside partisanship, and extend this tax cut for the middle class.

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House
Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello, everybody.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen signs that our economy is growing stronger and creating jobs at a faster clip. While numbers and figures will go up and down in the coming months, what cannot waver is our resolve to do everything in our power to keep stoking the fires of the recovery.

And the last thing we should do is let Washington stand in the way.

You see, at the end of the month, taxes are set to go up on 160 million working Americans. If you’re one of them, then you know better than anyone that the last thing you need right now is a tax hike. But if Congress refuses to act, middle class taxes will go up. It’s that simple.

Now, if this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve been here before. Back in December, Congress faced this exact same predicament. Ultimately, thanks to your voices, they did the right thing – but only after a great deal of bickering and political posturing that put the strength of our economy and the security of middle class families at risk. We can’t go through that again.

Congress needs to stop this middle class tax hike from happening. Period. No drama. No delay. And no ideological side issues that have nothing to do with this tax cut. Now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our recovery. Now is the time for common-sense action. And this tax cut is common-sense. If you’re a family making about $50,000 a year, this tax cut amounts to about $1,000 a year. That’s about $40 in every paycheck. I know there are some folks in this town who think $40 isn’t a lot of money. But to a student or a senior who’s trying to stretch the budget a little bit further? To a parent who’s filling up the tank and looking at rising gas prices? To them, $40 can make all the difference in the world.

And so can your voice. I hope you’ll pick up the phone, send a tweet, write an email, and tell your representative that they should get this done before it gets too late. Tell them not to play politics again by linking this debate to unrelated issues. Tell them not to manufacture another needless standoff or crisis. Tell them not to stand in the way of the recovery. Tell them to just do their job. That’s what our middle class needs. That’s what our country needs.

In the wake of the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, we’re getting things going again. And we’re going to keep at it until everyone shares in America’s comeback.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Republicans Attack Obama on Social Issues.

Over the last couple weeks, the Republicans have decided to pileup attacks on President Obama on social issues. Latest attack is that President Obama would not except religious schools from the contraception portion of the Health Care bill, which allows women to get contraception at no extra cost.

Rick Santorum is the perfect guy to deliver this message. "This president is deliberately undermining religious liberty in this country, undermining the family in this country. If you look at this president's policies, he has done more to destroy the [religious] institutions. We have a president who's going after the church, going after the faith-based organizations, and going after these community organizations."

Santorum did his best to personalize and polarize this issue. But a lot of these organizations he's talking about already had rules in place to provide contraception at no extra cost. Majority of the Catholics are in favor of it.

One of the reason that Santorum and the Republicans are doing this because the economy is improving. So they are going back to their social issues to attack President Obama and run against him in 2012 general election. The Republican have done nothing to improve the economy. Pres. Obama tried, and had some success.

This shows how far to the right the Republican party has moved!

In 2001, there was a vote in the Senate and House on whether federal employers health insurance plan should include contraception, overwhelmingly the Republicans supported his. But now since the President Obama is the favor of it, the Republicans have moved away from their position just so that they can attack Obama.

The Republican party is unbelievably pathetic, and they have the testicular-fortitude to the talk about Ronald Reagan. Reagan would have been totally disgusted by all their bullshit.
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sean Hannity: Obama Didn't Want to Kill Bin Laden

Sean Hannity: Obama Didn't Want to Kill Bin Laden. Hannity the biggest idiotic moron
Sean Hannity has the most weirdest theory on Pres. Obama killing Bin Laden. "It wouldn't have happened if he had his own way, and I think that can be proven as well on tapes" said on his show referring to Pres. Obama.

One thing this moron fails to understand is that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

So to prove his stupidity, he played two tapes of then-senator Obama and Pres-Elected Obama taking his position on killing/capturing Bin Laden. First tape was from the second Presidential debate, where Obama had a much tougher tone. The Second tape featured an interview with Katie Couric, where president-elect Obama said if he couldn't kill/capture the guy, he's priority would be to protect US from any threats.

Sean Hannity used these two tapes to illustrate that Pres. Obama basically flip-floped on killing Bin Laden.

Hannity is clearly the biggest idiot on the planet. Pres. Obama did have his way, and he killed bin laden. How many people in the world can say that, well Obama can because he did!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Republican Billionaires To Raise 100 Million To Beat Obama

Republican billionaires Koch brothers pledged to give more than a hundred million dollars to the Republican nominee to help defeat Pres. Obama in 2012. Top one-percent hate him more than you can imagine. They want even more tax-breaks from the next President. In fact, President Obama has already given them large share of fairly comfortable tax-cuts.

Most these monies will go to SuperPACs. Huffington Post was the first to broke the news because they had a source at the meeting! Charles Koch had pledged around $40M - according the source.

This hundred million is a great investment because if a Republican get elected in to the White House in 2012, the top one percent will receive billions of dollars.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Gingrich Attacks Romney on 'Poor' Comment

As Mitt Romney talks about how he doesn't care about the poor people, and when President Barack Obama was giving a speech about how we have got to be our brothers keeper, which side is Newt Gingrich on? You might be shocked to find this out.

Newt Actually came out attacking Romney in favor of the poor! Now, this is the same guy who said poop people/kids should clean washrooms. "I'm fed up with either party dividing Americans against each other," Newt said in a press conference.

This is irony at it's peak. Newt Gingrich didn't for the poor for the past three decades. In this case, Newt is effectively using populism against Mitt Romney to rally the base for him - because all the voters in the Republican primary are not millionaires or billionaires. Gingrich is painting Romney as the Wall Street wealthy guy, which he is the man who looks are the main street average folk.

This is a very effective strategy for Newt, even though it's totally fraud. All the gaffes Romney makes help Newt, and he's is pretty good at capitalizing on them.
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