Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letter from the Congressional Black Caucus to Artur Davis

Artur Davis switched parties from Democratic to Republican after failing to secure the nomination for the Governor of Alabama in 2010. He gave a speech at the Republican convention ripping Pres. Obama's record. In response, the Congressional Black Caucus has written a letter to Artur Davis:

Dear Artur,

We are writing to express our disdain over several recent comments you have made about the important issues facing voters in November, your total distortion of President Barack Obama’s record, and your complete flip-flop on certain core principles you once held dear. Given the magnitude of your recent transformation, we can only conclude that, rather than a true conversion, your actions are the result of a nakedly personal and political calculation or simmering anguish after failing to secure the Democratic nomination for governor of the State of Alabama in 2010.

Despite recent news reports that you sought advice from a Virginia political consultant about running for office as a Democrat, you currently proclaim to have switched to the Republican Party. However, in 2009 you repeatedly criticized former Representative Parker Griffith for the same act, saying, “his decision repudiates the hard work of many Democrats who sustained him during his election to two high offices.” You continued, “He leaves a party where differences of opinion are tolerated and respected to join a party that in Washington, marches in lockstep, demands the most rigid unity, and articulates no governing philosophy beyond the forceful use of the word, ‘no.’”

It’s unconscionable that you now claim Voter ID laws do not violate civil rights or suppress minority voter turnout. Yet in 2007 while still representing Alabama’s 7th congressional district, you joined then-Senator Obama in calling for the resignation of the Justice Department’s Voting Rights chief after he claimed that Voter ID laws did not hurt minorities, saying, “you can't argue that voter ID laws don't disfranchise African-Americans.”

You also may recall that less than two years ago, you routinely touted your progressive record as a member of the House of Representatives. You supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Wall Street reform bill, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and ending tax subsidies for oil companies. Despite voting against the final bill, you even supported major pillars of the Affordable Care Act like banning discrimination against pre-existing conditions, expanding Medicaid, and providing tax breaks to small businesses that provide health care, to name a few.

Contrary to your recent declarations, you hailed President Barack Obama as a “beacon of leadership,” touted President Obama as your “model,” and widely described the President as a friend. As a member of the House of Representatives, you supported President Obama’s agenda 95% of the time, were quoted saying “I agree with him on everything,” and repeatedly invoked President Obama in your failed gubernatorial campaign.

It is important that the American people have these important facts and draw their own conclusions about your true motivations for speaking at the Republican National Convention. We have come to the disturbing conclusion that your recent public statements have no basis in real policy or political disagreements, but rather they stem from transparent opportunism and a personal determination to overcome failing to win the Alabama Democratic primary for Governor in 2010. We regret that you have chosen this course, but are confident that the American people see your pronouncements for what they are and come to the same disappointing conclusion of your former colleagues.


Chairman Emmanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
Rep. Corrine Brown (FL-03)
Rep. G. K. Butterfield (NC-01)
Rep Donna Christensen (VI-AL)
Rep. James E. Clyburn (SC-06)
Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (MI-14)
Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04)
Rep. Marcia Fudge (OH-11)
Rep. Barbara J. Lee (CA-09)
Rep. John Lewis (GA-05)
Rep. Gregory Meeks (NY-06)
Rep. Cedric Richmond (LA-02)
Rep. Terri A. Sewell (AL-07)
Rep. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)

Dissecting Ann Romney's Convention Speech.

Ann Romney's speech at the Republican Convention was full of ironies. Following highlights a few:

"You should really get to know Mitt Romney" - well, if we really want to know Romney, then he should release his tax returns of the last 10 years or so...

"He always makes me laugh" ( referring Romney being humorous ) - Romney hasn't made me laugh. He latest birth certificate "joke" pretty much made him the worst comedian and biggest idiot on this planet.

"You can trust Mitt" - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I definitely CAN'T trust this flip-flopper. He has no values; or they are written on an "Etch-a-Sketch" Romney has flip-flopped on all major issues, just ask Rick Perry if you are not sure.

"That company has become another great American story" (referring to Bain Capital ) - Bain has run multiple companies out of business. The profits it accumulates come from the fact that Bain hasn't paid any federal taxes.

Monday, August 27, 2012

PEW Research: The Middle Class Is Broke

One of the most important stories in the U.S. economy these days is the rise of extreme inequality.
Over the past 30 years, a larger and larger portion of America's income growth has gone to those in the top 10% of incomes, and especially those in the top 1%. This is a major change from the prior 60 years, in which the top 10% and the bottom 90% shared in the income gains.

A stark and startling example of this trend is the fact that, adjusted for inflation, "average hourly earnings" in this country have not increased in 50 years.

A recent Pew study confirms that America's middle class has recently experienced a "lost decade."

Since 2000, the Pew says, "the middle class has shrunk in size, fallen backward in income and wealth, and shed some—but by no means all—of its characteristic faith in the future." Pew cites statistics showing that middle class earnings and net worth have plummeted since the mid-2000s and that about 85% of the middle class say it is harder to maintain their standard of living than it was 10 years ago.

The reason the decline of the middle class is important is not just about fairness. It's about the health of the economy as a whole.

Collectively, the middle class represents enormous buying and spending power, and in the past 60 years this spending power has helped the U.S. economy become the envy of the world.


Friday, August 24, 2012

New Poll Out, Romney Has 0% Support Among African Americans

New Poll conducted by NBC/WSJ has some GREAT news for Mitt Willard Romney: no African American, besides Herman Cain, supports him. This was probably the first a candidate from a major party has 0% support in any demographic. Furthermore, this poll was taken after Romney's NAACP address, where was largely booed when he said he'd repeal the Affordable Care Act.

John McCain received 5% support among African Americans in 2008.

Romney does well among white people, however, 53 percent to 40 percent, as well as seniors (9 percent to 41 percent). If you are a senior person reading this article now, please get to know Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, because that guy is the mastermind of ACTUAL death-panels. Ryan wants to slash medicare and turn it into a "voucher system."

75 percent of senior citizens are against Paul Ryan's "voucher system." As a matter of fact Obama/Biden scores very well on the issue of medicare.

Pres. Obama leads Romney over likeability factor ( 58 percent to 23 percent) and he also seem to care about the average American. 52 percent believe Pres. Obama in favor of the middle class over the rich, to Romney's 30 percent.

Furthermore, overwhelming number of Latinos support Pres. Obama as well: 65 percent to 30 percent. Obama/Biden also leads in the categories of Women and Youth.

Romney Obama
Whites 53% 40%
Rural voters 47% 38%
Seniors 49% 41%
Women 41% 51%
Under 35 Years 41% 52%
Latinos 30% 65%
Likeable 23% 58%
Cares about average people 30% 52%

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Texas Judge: Civil War If Obama Reelected

Tom Head, the judge of Lubbock, Texas, believes American citizens would be fighting against UN troops if Pres. Obama is reelected, because in his second term, Barack Obama is going to handover the United States to the UN. I have no idea where he got this lunatic theory from. Furthermore, this is the another one of the series of nonsensical idiotic BS the Republicans have said in the past week: there was Todd Akin "legitimate rape" remark, Rush Limbaugh's idea of Obama crating hurricanes to destroy the Republican Convention, and then this.

It's really sad to see that there this many idiots living in United States in this day and age.
Tom Head's full remarks:
[Obama] is going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the UN. Okay, what’s going to happen when that happens? I’m thinking worst case scenario here. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. We’re not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations. We’re talking Lexington-Concord take up arms and get rid of the guy.

Now what’s going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? He’s going to send in U.N. troops — with the little blue beanies. I don’t want ‘em in Lubbock County. Okay. So I’m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say ‘you’re not coming in here’. “And the sheriff, I’ve already asked him, I said ‘you gonna back me’ he said, ‘yeah, I’ll back you.’”

Rush Limbaugh: Obama is creating hurricanes

Just when you thought Rush can't get any crazier, he'd always come up with some idiotic idea to top his previous nonsenses. And this time it's not exception.

Yesterday on his radio show, Rush blamed President Obama and the National Hurricane Center for faking a hurricane that would hit Tampa during the Republican convention. He said, since the Hurricane Center is run by the government, "it's Obama."

Since the Republican Party/Bush Administration is largely responsible for climate change and global warming, which results in these kind of Hurricanes, hitting one of those at the Republican Convention is very proper, don't you think?
Transcript for Limbaugh: So we got a hurricane coming. The National Hurricane Center, which is a government agency, is very hopeful that the hurricane gets near Tampa. The National Hurricane Center is Obama. It’s the National Weather Service, part of the commerce department. It’s Obama. The media, it’s all about the hurricane hitting next week, and they’re not talking about Biden, they’re talking about this Hurricane Isaac thing. Well, you know, we who live in south Florida become experts. We don’t need the National Hurricane Center, and we don’t need all these weather dolts analyzing this for us. Well, we need the center, we can look at their charts and graphs, we know what to do, we can read the stuff. I’ve been tracking the charted forecast track of the storm, and they’re moving it sometimes to the east. The latest, 11 o’clock, they moved it to the west as a cat 1 impact in Naples, Fort Myers area.

This morning at five a.m., the impact was Miami. We’re still not talking about ’til next Tuesday, so it’s gonna be all over the ballpark between now and then. We don’t know where this thing is gonna hit. The models are moving it more and more out into the Gulf. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing hits in Louisiana someplace when it’s all said and done. Just kidding. Nobody knows, but they’re desperately hoping, they’re so desperately hoping for Tampa. The media, you know, I can see Obama sending FEMA in in advance of the hurricane hitting Tampa so that the Republican convention is nothing but a bunch of tents in Tampa, a bunch of RVs and stuff. (laughing) Make it look like a disaster area before the hurricane even hits there.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pres Obama: 'Rape is rape'

republican evil todd akin
Evil eyes of Todd Akin

Just the like the rest of the country ( or at least the majority of the country ), Pres. Obama is very angry at Todd Akin's comments on "legitimate rape."

“Rape is rape,” Obama said. “The idea that we should be parsing, qualifying, slicing what types of rape we’re talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people. What I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, the majority of which are men, making decisions that affect health of women,” Obama said.

With all the heat he's facing for Democrats and Republicans, Akin has come up an absolutely disgusting apology ad, in which he says, "rape is evil." Thank god for that, because one of didn't know that before. In the ad, he also says he has two daughters and a wife, and he's a man with moral characteristics. Does anyone think this idiot has any moral characteristics? Only think I see is this a cold-hearten disgusting douche-bag.

The Obama campaign sought to tie Akin to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.), who both have rebuked Aikin and sought to distance themselves from the remarks.

The Obama campaign said Ryan supported a constitutional amendment that would ban abortion in all instances, including in the case of rape. It also said Ryan, who opposes abortion except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger, had worked with Akin on tough anti-abortion rights legislation.

Pres. Obama Hits Romney on Taxes, AGAIN!

Pres. Obama Hits Romney on Taxes, AGAIN!
Pres. Obama has been on campaign mode lately, and he's not backing down on his attacks on Mitt Romney about his tax returns. Yesterday at the press conference President Obama again hit hard on Romney's tax issue.

Now, if you look at the overall trajectory of our campaign and the ads that I've approved and are produced by my campaign, you'll see that we point out sharp differences between the candidates, but we don't go out of bounds. And when it comes to releasing taxes, that's a precedent that was set decades ago, including by Governor Romney's father. And for us to say that it makes sense to release your tax returns, as I did, as John McCain did, as Bill Clinton did, as the two President Bushes did, I don't think is in any way out of bounds.

I think that is what the American people would rightly expect -- is a sense that, particularly when we're going to be having a huge debate about how we reform our tax code and how we pay for the government that we need, I think people want to know that everybody has been playing by the same rules, including people who are seeking the highest office in the land. This is not an entitlement, being President of the United States. This is a privilege. And we've got to put ourselves before the American people to make our case.

Maybe Pres. Obama and his team know something that we don't know. So they keep hammering Romney on his tax returns because they know Romney's never going to release them; because if he did, he'd lose almost all the independent voters!

Tell us what you think is in Romney tax returns. Make a comment.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Voices of Obama 2012 Campaign

I would love for Obama to make a simple speech targeted to lower-income and middle-income voters.  The speech would explain that these voters have been hoodwinked by the Republican Party.  By making politics over the last decades turn on social issues like abortion, gay marriage and flag burning, the Republicans have caused these votors to take their eye off the ball.  Everyone is getting all excited about these issues...they elect Republicans...and then find that their everyday life is worse and worse - there is an increasing gap between rich and poor, that the richest Americans pay the least taxes, and they (the low-income and middle-income voters) are having an increasingly hard time getting by.  These voters should be concentrating on the issues that they think about every day - getting through financially, paying for education for their kids, having good education for their kids, healthcare, etc. - rather than gay marriage.  How many times has gay marriage/abortion/flag burning actually affected their everyday lives?  Are they prepared to accept a more difficult life for themselves and the wealthy paying few taxes in exchange for banning gay marriage - because that is the tradeoff they accept if they vote Republican.  They have been totally swindled.

Kate Romain

Letter From Michelle Obama

Before you go to bed tonight, do me a favor and read Barack's note.

We've always known this election was going to be even tougher than the last one. All across the country, supporters like you have stepped up to give your time and energy to help move this country forward. We can't let that hard work be undone by our opponents' unlimited spending on negative TV ads.

If we win, it will because of what you do today, and for the next 77 days. Please donate $5 or more now:

Thanks for everything you do for Barack and this campaign.


Paul Ryan Most Extreme VP Choice in History

Mitt Romney's VP pick of Raul Ryan is the most extreme pick in the history of the United States. His debt reduction plan takes money away for the poor and gives it to the rich. He's also against climate change, not surprisingly since the Chock Brothers have given them hundreds of thousands of dollars to run their smear campaign.

This Ryan idiot is also deeply conservative. In fact is just as conservative as mentally-retard Michelle Bachmann.

DW-Nominate verifies this fact.

Various statistical measures of Mr. Ryan peg him as being quite conservative. Based on his Congressional voting record, for instance, the statistical system DW-Nominate evaluates him as being roughly as conservative as Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

By this measure, in fact, which rates members of the House and Senate throughout different time periods on a common ideology scale, Mr. Ryan is the most conservative Republican member of Congress to be picked for the vice-presidential slot since at least 1900. He is also more conservative than any Democratic nominee was liberal, meaning that he is the furthest from the center. (The statistic does not provide scores for governors and other vice-presidential nominees who never served in Congress.)

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